Retail & Leisure

SenSen solutions for Retail & Leisure markets deliver accurate and actionable insights to improve customer service, facilities management operations, security and safety of visitors.

SenSen helps to make public life safer and smarter by providing valuable insights on footfall and occupancy to shopping centres, hotels, university campuses and other retail/consumer-focused spaces.

In Leisure, SenSen significantly improves table game operations for casino managers by analysing table occupancy, hands dealt per hour, bet types and bet values right across the gaming floor.

Traditional gaming monitoring systems are typically expensive to install and maintain, and fail to achieve the levels of accuracy needed to be truly useful. Sensors embedded inside casino chips and offline yield management solutions have not worked as promised. Dealers, players and chips move too quickly for conventional monitoring tools which can’t cope with the noise and distractions of a gaming floor.

SenSen’s solution is different. By working hand in hand with leading casino clients, our automated video-and-software system is robust enough to withstand the toughest casino environment with an all-in-one package that adds increased visibility from the moment it is installed.

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