Sign Asset Detection Solution

Sensign car detection

SenSIGN is the world’s first fully automated solution to perform sign audits in a cost effective manner helping city councils create, update and maintain a database of parking signs and traffic signs.

SenSIGN records the GPS coordinates of all signs including street names, tourist hotspots, directional signs, pointers to major public facilities (eg: hospital signs), carpark directional signs and all other non-standard traffic signs.

SenSIGN detects and locates all standard and non-standard traffic signs including Stop and Give Way signs. The user receives detailed reports about assets under their management including sign class, type, location, condition, GPS position with map hyperlink and street view link, actual image captured, mounting type, facing direction and number of signs co-located on poles. The information in an export-friendly Excel spreadsheet containing sign photos and GIS mapping data. All data is available on the cloud-hosted GIS layer with all captured information including links to photographs.

In line with client request, this solution is offered as a service with flexible price.

For further information contact SenSen Networks!

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