SenSen’s Back Office Software (SenBOS)

Senbos seamless integrated with smart-edge systems

SenBOS is a state-of-the art back office platform seamless integrated with smart-edge systems such as automated on-street & off-street parking enforcement vehicles fitted with ANPR cameras, time servers, GPS, fixed CCTV cameras and mobile phone devices.

Using SenBOS, parking enforcement business rules can be applied on incoming data from edge systems and council officers can perform compliance check on on-road vehicles using the incoming metadata and imagery from edge systems.

SenBOS is built to generate alerts on hot-listed number plates and integrates with third party systems via the REST API. Users can manage all edge devices through one application instead of configuring each edge system separately. Health checks and monitoring are built in. On one handy web page users can see status of each component running on the edge system. Real time alerts and warnings about system health appear on the SenBOS web -interface for fast action. The cloud-hosted and web based SenBOS is used for configuring business rules including zone updates and assignment time and permit based parking rules and defining entrance and exit cameras for parking lots.

Across the entire suite of SenSen product and services, SenBOS is used for many enforcement and business intelligence applications including Average Speed Enforcement (SenSPEED P2P), gaming business insights and other Video-IoT analytics applications.

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