SenSen delivers solutions for the ITS industry including civic compliance, parking management, and speed and toll enforcement, especially when solutions must work under very challenging environments. In our 10-year history of operating in this sector, we have delivered a number of complex solutions using our video-IoT analytics platform in Australia, Singapore, Canada, Norway, Denmark, Germany, USA, UAE and India.

We are driven by a strong culture of innovation using ever-advancing technological breakthroughs in smart sensors, cameras and processing platforms with a clear focus of delivering the highest possible accuracy in the most cost-effective way.

To take advantage of continually improving sensing technologies, we designed our product platform SenDISA with open interfaces to all sensing devices and cameras. This allows us to control and process the incoming signals and fuse the data to accurately detect, track and identify vehicles and people, and to generate evidential data to support a range of enforcement applications.

With our ground breaking innovations, we are leading the industry with video and sensor analytics, as well as data -fusion of GPS and video imaging sensors to deliver end-to-end automation for parking management and enforcement using high- accuracy systems. Our systems are deployed in Australia, Norway, Denmark, Germany, US, Singapore and many other overseas jurisdictions.

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Corporate Office

Level 1, 9 Harper Street
Abbotsford, Melbourne
VIC 3067, Australia
(+61) 3 9417 5368


Suite 306, 3 Spring St,
Sydney, NSW 2000 Australia
(+61) 3 9417 5368


HSR Summit, 1st Floor,
H.No.8-2-603/23/3 & 15,
Road No-10, Banjara Hills,
Hyderabad, India 500034
(+91) 40-29882270