Shareholder Information

Share Holder Information

SenSen Networks views communication with its shareholders as a high priority. The Board is committed to complying with continuous disclosure requirements and issues announcements to the ASX on matters that may have a material effect on the company’s securities.

The company’s continuous disclosure policy is designed to meet market best practice, ensuring that all interested parties have an equal opportunity to obtain information which is issued by the company.

SenSen Networks’s ASX announcements are also posted on the company’s website and emailed to shareholders who have subscribed to the company’s email alerts.

Shareholders are encouraged to attend the Annual General Meeting to hear first-hand the company’s progress over the previous year.

The company’s Annual Report is distributed to shareholders each year.

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Corporate Office

Level 1, 9 Harper Street
Abbotsford, Melbourne
VIC 3067, Australia
(+61) 3 9417 5368


Suite 306, 3 Spring St,
Sydney, NSW 2000 Australia
(+61) 3 9417 5368


HSR Summit, 1st Floor,
H.No.8-2-603/23/3 & 15,
Road No-10, Banjara Hills,
Hyderabad, India 500034
(+91) 40-29882270