SenSen delivers world’s first fully automated sign audit launch of ground- breaking SenSIGN

31 March 2017

SenSen wins tender to provide fully automated sign audit helping city councils cost effectively create, update and maintain a database of traffic signs, parking signs and line markings. The SenSIGN solution records the GPS coordinates of all signs including street names, tourist hot spots, directional signs, pointers to major public facilities (eg hospital signs), car park directional signs and all other non-standard traffic signs.

SenSen wins the contract with Brisbane City Council to provide suburban safety solution

24 February 2017

SenSen wins the tender to deliver sub-urban safety solution using a range of fixed pole mounted cameras, vehicle mounted cameras and cloud-hosted back office infrastructure.

SenSen partners with Duncan Solutions to win the contract to provide mobile parking enforcement solution to City of Subiaco

 27 January 2017

SenSen won the tender for supply of cloud based mobile and fixed camera enforcement solution for the council.

SenSen expands in to National Parks with solar powered parking enforcement

15 August 2016

Sensen partnership with Duncan Solutions to wins tender for fully solar powered, cloud based parking payment compliance system, for National Parks of NSW. System builds on success at Mount Baw Baw ski resort in Victoria which was powered by mains power.

SenSen signs Crown Casino as flagship customer in Casino market

15 July 2016

After rigorous trials on live gaming floor, Crown Casino selects sensen for multi-year licensing deal for patent pending SenGAME 2.0. No of tables covered by SenSen: 400. No of blackjack hands dealt: 16M.

SenSen extends success in Singapore

14 April 2016

SenSen is awarded contract extension in Singapore, having delivered 80+ SenForce fixed parking cameras deployed on behalf of Land Transport Authority (LTA) throughout bus zones, school zones and timed parking enforcement zones across Singapore.

SenForce detect vehicles illegally stopping at bus and school zones via unique number plate and stop- recognition software capable of issuing tickets. Smart system is capable of distinguishing between passenger vehicles and goods vehicles to enforce parking rules.

Scandinavia focus after international inbound enquiries

11 April 2016

Based on feedback from global expo Intertraffic, SenSen moves into the European with partnership and contract wins across with Scandinavia. First markets are Trondheim, Norway, and City of Copenhagen, Denmark, with mobile parking and compliance solutions to local councils.

Invitation to join German parking leader PanStreet at Intertraffic 2016

5 April 2016

SenSen accepts invitation to visit Amsterdam for world’s largest B2B traffic exhibition event Intertraffic. Joint presentation with German parking leader PanStreet leads to unprecedented levels of interest in new-generation products We openly thank Schweers for their representation of SenSen and commitment by their staff and visiting customers in what was an extremely successful event this year.

Beautiful city of Federesikberg added to blue-chip clients list

18 January 2016

SenSen successfully delivers and commissions three fully loaded SenFORCE cars to city of Frederiksberg in conjunction with German partner , pan street (ex Schweers).

Parking Industry Awards 2015

19 August 2015

SenSen wins “Excellence in Technology and Innovation” award for “Smart City Cloud Solution ” presented by Parking Industry Awards, Australia.

World-Wide agreement for signed for Sales & Marketing

17 March 2015

SenSen selects German traffic leader Schweers as global Sales & Marketing partner. Early success in Australia with SenSsen’s mobile ANPR system complemented by Schweers product portfolio of smart hand-held terminals, phones and pads for terminals, phones and pads for a, offering comprehensive hand-held and mobile enforcement solution.

Video analytics solution rolled out in Sydney, Australia

1 February 2015

SenVAS solution featuring leading automatic number plate recognition streamlines operations and managerial decision making at Park N Fly, Sydney.

SenSen wins its first European contract in Norway

1 January 2015

SenSen wins its first European contract in Norway.


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