2nd Australia Smart Cities and Infrastructure Forum Melbourne | | 15-17 November 2017

Unlocking the Future of Smart Cities with Innovative Technologies. visit: Smart Cities

SenSen to launch next generation table game analytics product SenGAME 3.0 @ G2E Vegas | | Exhibit Hall: October 3-5 October 2017 | Education: October 2-5 2017

Join us at "the show" in the casino-entertainment industry. Event showcases the technologies, services and products of exhibitors and provides an atmosphere to buy/sell, network and learn. G2E is the event that brings relevant education and emerging business opportunities to the forefront of the industry. visit: G2E Vegas

SenGAME at G2E Asia, Macau | | 16 – 18 May 2017

SenSen is invited to launch SenGAME at Global Gaming Expo Asia (G2E Asia), the industry’s leading for one-stop of gaming and entertainment products attended by forward-thinking casino operators worldwide. Every year, thousands of senior executive and decision makers attend G2E Asia looking for cutting-edge products and solutions. Held in Macau, the heart of Asian gaming, this was an ideal setting to showcase SenGAME to a global audience. visit: http://www.g2easia.com/

SenGAME system covered by GGB Magazine | 1 March 2017

SenSen is highlighted as an emerging technology leader for the gaming industry by respected industry publication Global Gaming Business Magazine. The March 2017 edition praises SenSen for “delivering results with unprecedented accuracy and great software”.

Emerging Sensing Technologies Summit 2016 Australia | 9 December 2016

CEO Subhash delivers keynote presentation "Multi-Sensor Systems Making Smart Cities Smarter" at the "Emerging Sensing Technologies Summit held in Melbourne, Australia. Visit

Seoul International Digital Festival,2016 | 28 October 2016

CEO Subhash Challa is among keynote speakers , represent for panel session "Innovative Australian Smart Cities cCompanies" at globally prestigious event, Seoul "Seoul International Digital Festival”.

23rd ITS World Congress Melbourne | 10-14 October 2016

CEO Subhash Challa attends ITS Congress and Exhibition with central theme of “ITS -Enhancing Liveeable Cities and Communities”. Supported by Intelligent Transport Systems Australia, the conference promotes the development and deployment of advanced technologies to deliver safer, more efficient and environmentally sustainable transport across all public and private modes.

ITS Australia advocates the application of communication, data processing and electronic technologies for in-vehicle, vehicle-to-vehicle, vehicle-to-infrastructure and mode-to-mode systems to increase transport safety and sustainability, reduce congestion, and improve the performance and competitiveness of Australia’'networks.

AITPM 2016 National Conference | 26 - 29 July 2016

SenSen accepts invitation to present at Australian Institute of Traffic Planning and Management Incorporated (AITPM), a central point of reference for practitioners in traffic and transport planning and management

AITPM’s vision is shared by SenSen, "To provide leadership in traffic and transport by contributing to the development and management of a transport system that benefits all Australians.".

Traffic planning and management is an integrated activity involving traffic management and operations, transport planning, economics, freight, road safety, public transport, and non-motorised transport modes.

Intertraffic Amsterdam | 05-08 April 2016

CEO Subhash Challa Intertraffic Amsterdam to present company’s findings into optimal deployment of resources for infrastructure, traffic management, safety and parking. Presents alongside the major companies from around the world, SenSen innovative solutions built around on sensor- based analytics for the ITS segment industry.

ITS World Congress, Bordeaux | 9 October 2015

SenSen accepts invitation to attend ITS World Congress in, Bordeaux, France. The world’s largest event dedicated to intelligent transport systems and services. Main theme is “Towards Intelligent Mobility – Better Use of Space”...., focused not only on how achieving intelligent mobility will change our lives, but also on the benefits space can bring to ITS applications.

UITP - International Association of Public Transport) World Congress and Exhibition, Milan | 8-10 June 2015

SenSen joins biennial UITP World Congress and Exhibition bringing together participants to showcase latest public transport market developments and learn from industry leaders. Opportunity to share company’s knowledge with like-minded professionals and open new business opportunities.

ITS America 25th Annual Meeting and Expo - Pittsburgh, USA | 3 June 2015

SenSen accepts invitation to join landmark event hosted by Intelligent Transport Systems America. The society’s manifesto begins with, The path to innovation begins at the intersection of an idea and creative vision. It is through an open mind and an ear tuned to the voice of imagination that bridges are built.

GPU Technology Conference | 16 March 2015

CEO Subhash Challa presented a Smart City solutions built on top of NVIDIA's GPU technology at this industry-leading event. GTC is the largest and most important event of the year for GPU developers and the ecosystem of participants. This year’s, conference highlighted the growing revolution in deep learning with the potential to impact affect every aspect of computing.