Changi Airport

In Changi Airport Cloud based Parking Enforcement solution for both indoor and outdoor scenario using fixed cameras. Camera based detection of unattended baggage and overstaying vehicles. Integration with Milestone video management software.
Crown Casino, Melbourne

Delivering accurate actionable insights about table occupancy, hands per hour, bet type and value for every bet placed on the gaming floor.
City Of Calgary

SenSen won a multi year contract to help the City maintain an efficient and equitable parking management system, SenSen's solutions will enable the city to monitor its streets and parking zones for parking violations. This will be done using a combination of fixed and mobile control systems .
City Of Subiaco

SenSen partners with Duncan Solutions to win the contract to provide mobile parking enforcement solution to City of Subiaco 27th January 2017.
Frederiksberg Municipality

In partnerships with our partner Panstreet International, we expand our European success by winning the tender to provide mobile parking enforcement solution for the city of Frederikberg.
Brisbane City Council

Suburban Safety Solution using a range of fixed pole mounted cameras and vehicle mounted cameras and cloud hosted back office solution
Maribyrnong City Council

Asset management solution for Traffic, Parking Signs, Line Marking Inventory Database and Auditing
Logan City Council

End to end mobile car based enforcement solution with in car system and cloud based back office. Integration enabled with Citec and Infor Pathways.
Mt Kosciuszko ,NSW, AUS

First of its kind cloud based Highway ANPR and vehicle classification. Integration enabled with RMS.
Calgary Parking Authority,Canada

Cloud based Parking Enforcement solution for both indoor and outdoor scenario using fixed cameras
Land Transport Authority, Singapore

Cloud based Fixed camera Illegal Parking Enforcement solution. Integration enabled with NCS (LTA Singapore)
City of Copenhagen

Cloud enabled mobile enforcement solution to handle illegal parking through parking overstay and permits check. Integration enabled with Schweer International(Germany)