Peter Wells

Peter Wells is the former Executive Director of Roads and Maritime Services with a distinguished 22-year career in NSW Government in a number of agencies including Transport, Environment, Planning and Natural Resources.

During his Roads and Maritime Services career, Peter Wells led the regulatory and customer functions for licensing, policy, compliance, investigations, licence appeals and prosecutions, management and delivery of technology, and generating and implementing road transport regulatory reform in NSW. In this role he reported directly to the Chief Executive

  • ☛ Delivered regulation (in partnership with Police and Transport for NSW) of road access and management of vehicles and driving for 7.6 million people in NSW comprising 5.9 million vehicles and 5 million drivers.
  • ☛ Ensured the security of revenue from Licencing and Registration of over $2.1B.
  • ☛Managed the regulation of on-road public transport for buses, taxis and hire cars across NSW.
  • ☛ Set strategic direction for Regulatory Services across the organisation, implemented technical improvements and regulatory reforms and led state and national reforms.
  • ☛ Significant operational functions comprising 1700 staff, $360M budget, and over 26 million transactions for people and vehicles annually.
  • ☛ Participated actively in the RMS Executive collectively responsible for $7.2Bn per annum and over 5000 staff.
  • ☛ Former National Chair and founding member of the Australian Environmental Law Enforcement and Regulators Network (AELERT).

Tim Barnett

Tim is senior leisure and entertainment executive with significant experience in Australia and overseas in building and developing successful teams to drive business growth.

Tim has a proven track record of delivering strategic initiatives to drive revenue and contribution growth through innovation, yield management and margin improvement. He has strong communication and interpersonal skills leading to the delivery of improved results for key stakeholders including employees, regulators, suppliers and customers.

Tim is currently leading the Product Analytics & Strategy, Innovation and Workforce Planning teams for Crown Melbourne's Table Games business unit.

Najmul Qureshi

Najmul's expertise is in turning corporate data into actionable information helping business decisions at all levels of the organisation. His 20+ years of experience includes IoT, Big Data, analytical business modeling, data acquisition, management and presentation, scenario simulations, complex statistical analysis and modeling, training and capacity building.

Najmul has worked on numerous projects across many industries related to identifying business improvement opportunities in marketing, sales, supply chain, merchandise, and risk management areas. His industry experience includes Retail, Telecommunications, Transportation, Consumer Finance, Insurance and Gaming. Najmul has held senior internal consulting positions with a number of Fortune 500 companies in the US and Australia including GE, JCPenney, AT&T Wireless, Cingular Wireless, Telstra, Teradata and SAS.

As a lead analytical consultant with Teradata and SAS Australia, Najmul has led and successfully delivered many high-level, complex projects at some of the largest Australian organizations including Telstra, Big W, Australia Post, Optus, Vodafone, PowerCor, Suncorp Bank, Tattersall's , Victorian Department. of Transportation , Victoria and Progressive Enterprises Ltd. NZ.

In his advisory role at SenSen, Najmul works closely with SenSen executive management in identifying business analytics opportunities that can leverage the company's video analytics platform in conjunction with other technologies, bringing together suitable technology and delivery partners and actively participating in designing all aspects of the market- ready solutions.

Najmul has a Masters in Operations Research from University of Central Florida, USA, and a second Masters in Management of Technology from Arizona State University, USA. He completed his Bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering at University of Engineering & Technology, Lahore, Pakistan.