Company Information

SenSen is one of the world's leading suppliers of data-driven business process enhancement solutions.

By adding our video intelligence capabilities to devices connected on the Internet of Things, we help owners and managers of assets make more timely decisions and leverage their returns on investment. Adding video information to data from other sensors creates a more complete view of people, motor vehicles and crowds with the deepest value-added insights for real-time results.

To prove our approach works and adds significant value, we've built solutions combining video analytics and artificial intelligence data analytics for customers in Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) and gaming in Australia, Canada, Europe, India, Singapore and UAE.

We're proud of our achievements and groundbreaking advances. Our software combines enterprise video and sensor data acquisition, data fusion and Big Data analytics into a highly scalable and configurable platform based on NVIDIA edge to cloud servers that allows, customers to improve the speed and accuracy of their decisions and automate business processes.

Our customer-centric approach to solving problems is driven by a frontline team of domain experts and data scientists who help define user requirements and guide the development of innovative solutions customised for each unique operating environment.

With proven design methodologies for extracting real-time intelligence from petabytes of raw data, we are solving the highly challenging customer problems leading quantifiable improvements in productivity, efficiency and safety.

Our R&D and sales headquarters are in Melbourne, Australia, supported by an Indian team providing administrative and back-end support and services, including, software testing, QA and customer support.