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Customer speak

SenSen Networks worked with Ipswich City Council to develop a world leading ANPR parking compliance and management system from early concept to operational solution.  As a result Council has a highly competent compliance management system that will both remove critical OH&S issues for Council Officers and provide significant ongoing cost benefits to parking compliance activities.
Ashley Ward (Principal Officer - Operational Systems) - Ipswich

SenSen provided an innovative cloud-based offering with an underlying scalable architecture in a most effective and cost-efficient solution for fixed camera parking enforcement for LTA.
Zahir Siddique ( Bid & Proposal Manager) - Tyco Singapore

SenSen was chosen to provide a hardware and software-based solution as part of the installation and maintenance of our Point-to-Point (P2P) speed enforcement program. SenSen’s ANPR solution went through our rigorous type approval and gazette process which is required by Legislation in the State of New South Wales
Paul Hayes (Manager Strategic Projects) - RMS New South Wales